REA Holding is an investment company that holds investments and controls companies operating in the asset management and insurance brokerage sectors



REA Holding was set up by a group of entrepreneurs operating in the wealth management sector and with more than twenty years' expertise in the banking and non-banking sectors.

Based on its founders' prior experiences operating within banking institutions and observing the changes in the role of banks in today's economic and financial context, they came up with the idea of establishing a business that could serve its clients' wealth management needs. 

REA Holding achieves this goal by setting up holdings or acquiring equity investments in companies operating in sectors such as asset management, fund management, insurance brokerage and family office services.


The history of REA Holding begins back in 2012 with a first business venture that resulted in the setting up of Zeus Capital SA, a Swiss company providing asset management services for private customers and financial consulting services for institutional customers. 

From these beginnings in the business, a number of companies were later established such as Zeus Capital Life, an  insurance broker operating in Italy; Zeus Asset Management, a collective asset manager operating in Luxembourg and Zeus Capital Alternative, an alternative non-harmonized investment fund manager. 

In this time frame, the company secured the acquisition of a 100% stake in GHILS, a Luxembourg-based insurance broker. 

Once the incorporation and acquisition cycle was completed, the project promoters set up the holding company to which all the aforementioned equity investments were conferred.


For each business unit, REA Holding has chosen a suitable financial center that has in itself the best features to offer the specific service:

- Luxembourg, being the European capital (and much more) of collective asset management, is recognized for its solidity and traditional competence in the investment fund sector;

- Milan, a historically renowned financial center that in recent years has been undergoing a strong revival and that we chose as the centerpoint of our insurance and pension fund-related operations;

- Lugano, living proof of the vitality of the Swiss private banking tradition and ideally placed as a bridge between Italy and central Europe underpinning the "golden thread" that unites the business units of the group.

Today REA Holding manages all these holdings with the express goal of increasing their value over time and creating a pan-European wealth management center that meets the specific requirements of HNWI clients, namely, their wish to find the specific skills needed to manage their personal, real estate and family assets, all under a single umbrella.



Antonio Pasini         President

Paolo Tortorella       CEO

Antonio Canavesi     Member



The primary criteria that REA Holding adheres to in its recruitment choices focus on people: individual talent, personal initiative and strong motivation have always been the main factors that determine the success of any business.REA Holding offers job opportunities where commitment and merit are recognized and valued.

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